T.O.P Portrait Art Doll by Elena Rodgers


The T.O.P (BigBang) portrait art doll was created by Elena Rodgers, a Ukrainian doll-maker artist, as a part of BigBang dolls collection project.  DollsDimension suggested Elena Rodgers to participate in the project, devoted to a Korean boys band – BigBang. The artist was asked to choose any images of  BigBang members from their “Made series” music videosElena Rodgers chose musicians’ images and styles from Bang Bang Bang music video (the solo parts of the group members).

The Art Piece is in possession of DollsDimension.com and is still available for sale. To know the details of the purchase contact us here.

Height: 45 cm.

Materials: copper frame, wrapped by aluminum foil, covered by paperclay, acryl, textiles, etc. No pre-fabricated parts, handmade clothes tailored individually for the doll.

Details: Moving head, legs and arms; a supporting stand needed/included; tailored outfit; natural dyed hair;


T.O.P_Glove T.O.P_Jacket T.O